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    Shanghai Dengchen Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese-Taiwanese co-operative exported enterprise engaged in manufacture, research and development of electronics,lt specializes in manufacturing of encoders,carbon composition film,rotary potentiometers,slide potentiometers,motopotentiometers,and high precision punched hardware in a complete specification.Currently it holdsnearly 500 employees and covers an area of 20000 square meters.

    Since its foundation in 1992,The company has been devoping itseif to establishing its brand as ahigh quality one.Currently the workerswho have found their feet on the competitive market,have thecomprehensive ability to develop new model at speed,which evokes attention and affirmation in thefield.The company has its' R&D,Tooling,punching and Assemblling department,pipeliningworkshop etc.The features of sharp work and constantly fine quality enable the company to sale itsgoods to the large complete-machine manufacturers all over the world.And now the company has formed into aseries of professional,systemic manufacturer which with ability of5800000 pcs at monthoutput,the products are used widely in telephone,display,auto acoustics,meeting loud-speaker,recorder,home cine cinema(vcd,dvd,)toy,mix-sound machine,home electricts.And modernintellective system etc.And have concluded good partnership with changhong,lg,galanz,Panasonic,haier,sanyo and so famous companies.

    In order to meet the enterprise developing requirements,the company implements lso9001standards fully and practice TQM(Total Quality Manaqement)actively.Especially the company makes every efforts to recruit technologists,cultivate enterprise's culture and enhance its own ability.And allstaff members in this company trust and work in conformity with the management idea that as well theyobey the quality principle that improvement should be made all the time,Quality First customerpleased,continuously lmprorement strive Better,we wish to have a close cooperation with personalities from various fields and develop together futher,walking with firm steps on the way,Shanghai dengchen is developing into a universally acclaimed manufacturer of encoders and potentiometers with high quality,reasonable price and prompt delivery.
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